Bay of Lampung from Altitude Bandar Lampung

VISIT to Lampung feels incomplete without visited the Bay of Lampung. You will see a tourist area with beautiful natural scenery.

This area is located in District Punduh Pedada, Pesawaran District, Lampung. Besides the charm of unspoiled nature, tourist sites here are known to have an attractive coral reefs.

Coral reefs are protected in some areas of the island into a tourist attraction in the Bay of Lampung. Ratai bay is one of the tourist area in Pesawaran District, Lampung Province.

The beach can be reached from Belfast by road for less than an hour this is part of the Gulf of clays. A calm waters are surrounded by many small islands.

The beach is clean, group of islands, and the clarity of the sea without waves is characteristic of attraction that exist in the Bay of Lampung. Set foot on the beach but without visiting the islands, said people are less afdol.

Some locations in the area of ​​these islands are very potential to be developed into marine tourism area. Gulf Island Legundi Kramat, the Island Hermitage, Gulf Dimples, and Umang Island crab is now a breeding apes.

Bay of Lampung is part of the Sunda Strait. In the southern region that separates the mainland island of Sumatra and Java is already developing a variety of attractions, especially in areas such as Carita Beach in West Java, Ujung Kulon, as well as Pencang Island, and surrounding areas are quite dense and difficult to develop further as a tourist area.

While Ujung Kulon, Pencang and Panaitan Island - given its status as a wildlife sanctuary area, tourists can accommodate only a limited number.

Other attractions in the Sunda Strait that are well known in foreign countries and attracted attention because of eruption of Mount Krakatoa in 1883 was.
Full tourism potential of this legendary charm and should be used as the driving tourism development islands located in the Gulf Betung.