Transport Museum, The History of Transportation Development

Do you want to take a vacation while learning about transportation developments in the world. Moreover, tours are carried out with family, especially children. Children usually like to see new things and without realizing that they have learned, because in essence the teaching and learning process is not only through school, but can be done in various ways, for example through educational tours such as in museums.

Mobil Lincoln Mark IV
Lincoln Mark IV car, Transport Museum collection

One trip that can fulfill this desire is in the City of Batu Tourism in East Java. A quite favorite destination there is the Transport Museum in Kota Baru. The museum is on Jalan Terusan Sultan Agung no.2, Ngaklik, Kota Batu, East Java. The owner of this destination is Jatim Park Group, which also manages Jatim Park 1 and Jatim Park 2.

 Musium Angkut di Kota Batu
Transport Museum Gate in Batu City
Remember that the Transport Museum is in Batu Tourism City, not Malang City, which is administratively different. It is close and the two cities are next to each other, but the problem is that if we get lost it will increase the cost. The problem is that many are mistaken about the destination position of the Transport Museum.

You could say East Java tourism is on the rise. Apart from Batu City, there is Jember Regency with the very famous Jember Festival Carnaval, and Banyuwangi Regency with the Ijen Blue Fire destination which is quite viral. These three regions are currently improving tourist facilities that attract local and foreign tourists.

Mobil klasik di Musium Angkut
Classic cars in the Transport Museum
To reach the Transport Museum which covers 3.8 ha from the city of Apple, Malang, you can use public transportation or you can use online transportation. If you want to use public transportation, you can use the ADL angkot to the Landungsari terminal. From here, take another pink angkot to Batu Terminal, then take another one to the Angkut Museum on the Sultan Agung road.

mobil antik koleksi Musium Angkut, Kota Batu
Antique cars from the Museum Angkut Kota Batu collection

For those who take the train from other places outside Malang, for example departing by train from Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta or other station areas, they can stop at Malang station and continue taking the ADL angkot to Landungsari terminal, then take the pink angkot to Batu Terminal. From here take another angkot that goes to the Museum of Transport.

The area of ​​the Museum Angkut is very wide which is divided into 10 Zones, each zone has its own story and theme. Therefore, to explore the Transportation Season, you have to come from the morning because it is not enough if you just spend one or two hours. It's a loss if you can't fully enjoy it.

Mobil Lincoln Mark IV
Lincoln Mark IV car, Transport Museum collection

There are several themes that describe the development of transportation technology and transportation technology from the 80s to the present and also the means of transportation in the future.

The theme is the theme of the 80s transportation era, airplane transportation, modern cars, transportation in the UK (British), Chinese transportation, gangster areas, the Las Vegas area and classic train transportation. Each theme provides a different atmosphere and feel.
mobil antik
One of the antique car collections in the Batu City Transport Museum
In this Transport Museum, we are also brought to the atmosphere of transportation in the past, when many new means of transportation were discovered and used. As there are railroad tracks, steam trains, diesel trains and also some modern ones as we see today, namely electric trains. The view that will be displayed is not only an exhibition of ancient acute tools, but the atmosphere that is created is completely similar to the conditions in the early days of the transportation.

Likewise with the ship or boat which is a means of water transportation. Since the beginning, the use of ships as a means of transportation. Like ships or boats that use sails or boats that are still rowing, for example, there is a reflection of the junk boats from China that were used by many Chinese dynasties or kingdoms to go to the Archipelago.

In addition to enjoying the atmosphere and being able to find out about transportation tapping, we can also take a mini train, feel that we are on a plane, take a boat while down a cool and green artificial river, try to ride a horse cart or horse-drawn carriage, feel at the dock of a passenger ship, and also feel the sensation. take a ship and feel the atmosphere of buying and selling on board. For children who want to be pilots, there is also a simulator to control an airplane.

Inside the Angkut Museum there is also an artificial lake containing boats selling on water, similar to the one in the Lembang Floating Market in West Java, only here the water area is smaller because it is an artificial lake. The name of this water area is called Pasar Apung Nusantara.

Don't forget to go through Zone 7, which has the British Area because we will get a very different atmosphere. We seem to enter another world in England with the road conditions, various buildings and modes of transportation that are there, plus being able to take photos at a replica of Buckingham Palace. For those who like selfies, they will lose out if they miss this area.

While on an educational tour, you can try some of the typical culinary delights in a replica of Cheng Ho's ship which is used as a restaurant. Here we can enjoy a meal while seeing the atmosphere on board Cheng Ho's ship, a legendary admiral from China.

Another interesting thing is there is also the Holiwood area with various classic cars, then there is a similar atmosphere in Las Vegas, there is also a replication of the Berlin Wall that separates West Germany and East Germany. Actually, many things can be told about the Transport Museum but later when it is told, everything will be no longer exciting, please explore it yourself and enjoy the atmosphere there.

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