Beautiful Islands in Gorontalo Province that Are Challenging to Visit

Gorontalo Province is located in the eastern and northern parts of Indonesia, precisely on the Gorontalo Peninsula (Gorontalo Peninsula) on the island of Sulawesi. The provincial government center is in Gorontalo City. The area of ​​Gorontalo Province is 12,435.00 km² with a population of 1,166,142 people in 2018.

Why is the name of the area Gorontalo? Maybe many ask questions like that. The term Gorontalo in the past originated from the name of one of the Hulontalang Kingdoms. The term Hulontalangi means noble valley. From the name of this kingdom, the name Gorontalo finally emerged. The citizenship of the Gorontalu tribe comes from an alliance and an alliance of 5 kingdoms in the Gorontalo region which is referred to as "Limo Lo Pohala'a."

The province's location is very unique because it is located at the north west tip of Sulawesi Island. precisely in the western part of North Sulawesi Province. Gorontalo region also has a fairly large water area plus the existence of very beautiful islands. Some of the islands that are often become tourist destinations, namely Saronde Island, Cinta Island, and Diyonumo Island.

Actually there are many islands in Gorontalo, because of the position of the Gorontalo region which is located at the tip of Sulawesi and the waters which are archipelago. Such as Big Bird Island, Little Bird Island, Coral Island, Karanji Island, Mabasar Island, Madiki Island, Maraati Island, Maruangi Island,

Menara Island, Pajongge Da'a Island, Pajongge Kiki Island, and many others have yet to be mentioned. With so many islands in Gorontalo, the focus of our tourism review is three islands, namely Saronde Island, Cinta Island, and Diyonumo Island.

Each island has its own characteristics and beauty. This is a great potential in the tourism sector for Gorontalo Province to attract domestic or foreign tourists to enjoy natural tourism

Diyonumo Island

Diyonumo Island, Gorontalo Province
Diyonumo Island, Gorontalo Province. Photo by

Diyonumo Island, located in Deme II Village, Sumalata District, Gorontalo District. This island has white sand beaches that are clean and natural. This beautiful island also has a hill that will make your eyes look at it.

To be able to visit Diyonumo Island you can use a boat / boat by sailing for 10 minutes from Deme 2 Village. These boats are called katinting which are already rented out to tourists who come here.

To go to Deme 2 Village from Gorontalo City, you can use a car or motorbike to Sumalata District. From Gorontalo City to Sumalata it takes around 2-3 hours to travel. After arriving in Sumalata District, please tell the vehicle driver to go to Demi 2 Village to take the katinting. Usually they already understand.

Once we arrive at the island we will see the clean water and sand that we can make to lie on the beach. We can swim too, but it's best to wear a cover to be safe. Another interesting activity is fishing to burn the fish. It would be better if we have prepared the rice from home so that the tour feels complete with eating by the sea on a beautiful island.

Cinta Island

The island is unique in shape and small in size, in the shape of a beautiful love with white sand inside. This island is located south of the Gorontalo mainland. Due to its small size, the island is uninhabited, but has been developed into a resort area with excellent facilities.

Some call Pulo Cinta the Indonesian-style Maldives. Because of its beautiful shape, it is similar to the Maldives Island in Argentina, Latin America.

Pulau Cinta in Boalemo Regency, Gorontalo Province.
Pulau Cinta in Boalemo Regency, Gorontalo Province. Photo By : @pulocinta

To reach this island from Jalaluddin Gorontalo Airport, you can travel to Boalemo Regency, precisely in Tilamuta District for 2 hours by bus or rental car.

Arriving at Tilamuta, your trip is continued by using a motor boat or boat directly to Pulau Cinta. This trip requires a sailing time of approximately 30 minutes.

Saronde Island

The next island in Gorontalo Province is Saronde Island, which is included in its waters in Ponelo Islands District, Kab. North Gorontalo, Gorontalo Province. This small but beautiful island has become a well-known destination for both local and foreign tourists. Apart from being fishermen, the residents also rely on tourism potential. You could say the citizens are aware of tourism because it has become one of the economies on this island.

Saronde Island, North Gorontalo Regency
Saronde Island, North Gorontalo Regency. Sea water is very clear.  Photo by

This island is in the north of Kwandang Bay, North Gorontalo Regency. If you want to see the beauty of Saronde Island, you can reach Saronde Island from Gorontalo City. You first go to Kwandang Harbor in Kwandang Bay by using public transportation in the form of a bus or rental car or you can also use a bentor (bendi motorbike).

The distance is about 50 km and the trip takes about 1.5 hours. From here you can continue by taking a large passenger boat to Saronde Island. The time it takes to sail is about 45 minutes. During the trip we will see beautiful scenery and can take pictures while taking a boat. Team Writter

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