The Mentawai Islands, The Surfing Paradise

Who doesn't love the beautiful beaches of an island? This time we will discuss the island in the western part of Sumatra Island, namely the Mentawai Islands. The Mentawai Islands region is included in the administrative area of ​​the Mentawai Islands Regency.

Geographically, the Mentawai Islands consist of several large islands, namely Sipora Island, North Pagai Island, Siberut Island and South Pagai Island. The four islands are mostly inhabited by the majority of the Mentawai people.

Surving in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra
Surving in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra. Photo:

Outside the four islands, the Mentawai Islands are actually still small islands that spread around the big islands. There are about 70 small islands. Of these small islands, some are inhabited, but some are not. These waving palm islands are famous for their many coconut trees. These Mentawai islands extend parallel to Sumatra Island.

The islands of the Mentawai Islands are also part of the vast Indian Ocean. So that the sea waves are very high. The parts of the coast on the west side of the island are generally steeper because they are eroded by the hefty ocean waves. Meanwhile, on the eastern side of the islands, the islands are more gentle and widely used as tourist destinations.

To reach the Mentawai Islands, you can go through the Bungus Bay Crossing Port, which can be reached in an hour from the center of Padang City. The crossing from here takes 11-13 hours, leaving at 16.00 WIB until approximately 05.00 WIB. At this port there are KMP Ambu Ambu and KMP Gambolo which serve Sumatra Island to the Mentawai Islands and vice versa. Or you can also go through Muaro Padang Port, which takes 3-4 hours. Departures every day at 07.00 WIB.

Wealth of Flora and Fauna in Siberut National Park

The flora and fauna in the Mentawai Islands are also quite rich apart from their natural beauty. The various flora and fauna in the islands of the Mentawai Islands can even be used as objects for animal research because they are so rich with various types of endemic animals. There is also quite a variety of flora and some can be said to be unique. The Mentawai Islands also have rare endemic flora and fauna that only exist in the Mentawai.

This archipelago is separated from the island of Sumatra, which is estimated to have occurred since 500,000 years ago. One of the ones that get a lot of attention are Mentawai Beruk (Macaca pagensis), Mentawai Lutung (Presbytis Potenziani), Dwarf Siamang (Hylobates Klosii) and Pig-Tailed Monkey (Simias Concolor). .

To protect and preserve this natural wealth, it is designated as the Siberut National Park which has rainforests that cover almost 65% of Siberut Island. This forest is a comfortable residence for flora and fauna. This forest is also a source of food and shelter and this forest also functions as a support for the traditional life of the Mentawai people who are still traditional and rely on nature.

Mentawai is A Surfer's Paradise

The big waves in the Mentawai Islands are a blessing for being a world-famous surfing tour. Even many surfers from all over the world make this place a favorite place for this challenging sport.

One of the famous surving locations in Mentawai is the Kandui Villages Resort on Sikerei Island. This destination is visited by many foreign tourists. In this resort, there are many tourist facilities besides lodging as well as many other facilities that provide classy services. There are two world-famous surfing spots in Mentawai, namely; Spot Lances Right and Spot Macaronies.

Enchantment Festival Mentawai

To support the development of a wider and more famous tourism. The local government often holds tourist events such as the Mentawai Enchantment Festival 2019. This event aims to empower people to love their own culture. Usually this tourist event is centered on the Tuapejat Pier, which is about 82 miles from the city of Padang.

In addition, this event also certainly aims to promote the Mentawai Islands as an attractive marine tourism destination in the world that has the advantages of nature and cultural uniqueness. Other things obtained from this event are aimed at maintaining the originality of cultural and natural entities in a sustainable manner as well as efforts to anticipate shifts by transformation and social civilization.

For the Mentawai people themselves, this event which will be held annually can provide awareness of its natural potential which is beautiful and attractive to tourists. People become aware of tourism, have an entrepreneurial spirit and are friendly in welcoming and serving tourist guests.

This tourist festival that is widely known by the outer world is usually filled with various art and cultural attractions of the Mentawai Tribe. The various attractions, namely; attractions of making Mentawai tattoos, traditional archery competitions, exhibitions of typical Mentawai art products and various other traditional Mentawai art offerings.

Hopefully the Mentawai Archipelago Regency Enchantment Festival event, which is also known as the Earth Sikerei universe, can be more famous in the eyes of the world. Especially now that there are many world surfers who know the Mentawai Islands as a surfing paradise with interesting wave challenges.

Other West Sumatra Tourism

West Sumatra Province tourism is also many and varied, apart from the Mentawai Islands. Various other interesting destinations such as the Clock Tower in Bukit Tinggi, the Sihanok Gorge Valley, Pahpahan Island, Lake Maninjau, Anai Valley, Puncak Langkisau, Pagaruyung Palace and many more interesting destinations in West Sumatra. Events that are often held by the West Sumatra Regional Government such as the Tour de Singkarak which is a world famous cycling sport event.

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