Tour to Pine Forest in Sumber Jaya, West Lampung

West Lampung is arguably a paradise for natural tourism, mountains, rivers, forests, beaches with high sea waves, hot springs, historical sites and so on. Physically, the regency with its capital in Liwa does have a very different land contour from other districts in Lampung. West Lampung is also the largest area included as part of the Bukit Barisan National Park which has a very large protected forest.

Hutan Pinus Lampung Barat
The umbrellas hanging between pine trees are very instagrammable

One of the locations for eco-tourism in West Lampung is Sumber Jaya Pine Forest in West Lampung. The trip to Sumber Jaya Pine Forest from Bukit Kemuning Subdistrict, North Lampung, takes about 40 minutes by winding uphill roads. The scenery during the trip is very exciting because along the way we will be presented with views of the mountains and hills from a height.

Arriving there, we will see a pine forest which to people in general will feel foreign because pine forests are rather rare on the island of Sumatra. This different view will make us even more curious after breathing the fresh air and green scenery.

The pine trees in the Sumber Jaya pine forest belong to the Pinaceae family and the Pinopsida class. Pine or also known as Sumatran tusam tree. Sumatran Tusam is a pine tree that lives and grows on the island of Sumatra. Pines that grow in needle-leaved Sumatra are conifers (Pinophyta).
Betuk tall pine tree towering by forming a cone up the cone.

Hutan Pinus Lampung Barat
Pine Forest a cool place to relax


The roots of this tree are very strong and can withstand wind or storms. Pine forests are included in tropical forests in the mountains and hills of Indonesia. Pine trees prefer to grow where the altitude is above 600m above sea level to about 1500m above sea level. Pines also have the characteristic of being a cylindrical main stem, straight and upright. The branches form a regular loop, the free height of the branches can reach 10-25 meters.

This pine tree sap can be tapped to produce turpentine and gondorukem raw materials. Perum Perhutani conducts nursery and cultivation in Java and Sumatra, in addition to planting industrial pine forests to meet the needs of turpentine and gondorukem.

It turns out that the pine forests that we often see in the forests of Europe or the Americas are also in West Lampung. If you like old Coboy films, we can see the existing forests in the form of pine and spruce forests.

a tree threaded like a snake




Entering this forest area has begun to feel cold and cool. There is a distinctive pine forest aroma, this could be an aromatherapy for stress relief or a result of being cut off by a boyfriend. The dense shade of pine trees makes us cool to sit around and chat about the future. The aroma of stress relieving pine forest therapy will be even more pronounced if there is a gentle breeze blowing the pine trees and leaves.

The Pine Forest Ecotourism in Sumber Jaya is cultivated in collaboration with KPHL II Liwa, KPA Green, HPPHL and the HKM Group which formed a consortium called West Land. This collaboration was formed for the management of this pine forest. Apart from the aim of preserving pine forests, it is also to increase tourism in West Lampung. 

Close to the Bukit Barisan National Park

In this pine forest area, various tree houses, huts, gardens and comfortable seats have been made for hanging out with family or friends. We can also rent a swing cloth that is stretched between two trees to lie down while swinging. Obviously if we swing over time on this swinging cloth we can fall asleep because of the cool air, the breeze and the smell of pine which makes our nerves loose and relax.

Hutan Pinus Lampung Barat
One of the tallest pine trees

For those of you who like to take photo actions in the Sumber Jaya pine forest, interesting photo spots and Instagram photos have also been made with natural and natural backgrounds.

For copyists, "copy pay". Drink coffee in a cold place with fresh air. There is also a place to order black coffee, brewed coffee, moca coffee or cappuccino. Just select. It's a shame if the atmosphere is very comfortable but not coffee. It feels incomplete.

The journey home while enjoying the sunset

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