Lubuak Minturun Adventure Park in North of Padang

Lubuak Minturun Adventure Park located 10 Km North of Padang Municipality. It surrounded by beautiful rice field, fresh air, very good view, very quiet place, and incredible village activities. It is only 30 minutes from centre of Padang and 15 minutes from Minangkabau Airport.

Guests are invited to come and enjoy the Interesting, wonderful, different, and exciting places to relax, explore their inner awareness, and practice their spiritual beliefs since at the location guests can find a beautiful mosque with some miniature spots of holly places just like at Saudi Arabia.

Lubuak Minturun Adventure Park has created the fittest place to do personal and group retreat and perfect environment for: youth camps, retreats, picnics, family reunions, corporate team building, gathering and others. Guests will surely enjoy their unique experience!

Lubuak Minturun Adventure Park can comfortably accommodate 100 people.

As an outbound training provider in Padang, Lubuak Minturun Adventure Park has many kind of outbound training program delivered to all kind of guests. For sure this Adventure Park provide amazing place and can manage based on the needs (companies, government, schools) for outbound, team building, gathering, outing, picnic, adventure, retreat and others. There are seven high rope games, flying fox, tandem and pin ball.

Price: (discount Period)
High rope Rp.20.000,-/pax
Flying fox Rp.10.000/pax
Pinball Rp.80.000/pax
Tandem Rp.30.000

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